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The Difference between Blinds and Shades, and How to match the right design to your home?

Updated: Feb 11, 2020


No house can be complete without the presence of windows. As such houses with ample windows always look more charming and gloomy. Aesthetically good windows treatments/coverings immense the value of your house. Redecorating your home is a big challenge, our services are always available for you. With a wide variety of embellishments and never-ending choices of Window coverings, we understand the pressure you undergo in trying to make the right decisions. Window coverings are available in a variety of textures, finishes, and grains with unique patterns. Among those challenges, we are here to make that choice wisely. The final choice of window treatment/coverings is ultimately dependent upon your taste as well as the size of your windows and the style of your room. Aesthetically pleasing windows coverings in the room can boost one’s happiness.

Difference between Blinds and Shades:


Blinds can come in a wide range of shapes and styles, and their horizontal and vertical slats distinguished them from Shades. With the angle of slats, Blinds are adjustable to allow either more or less light into a room. You can control light to enter your rooms according to your needs. Some Blinds come with sheer fabric to increase the level of privacy while it’s open. Genuine wood, bamboo, vinyl, aluminum, plastic or composite materials and many more are the materials from which Blinds can be made.

2-inch or 2½-inch is the standard depths for blind slats. Vertical blinds, Faux wood Blinds, Panel Track Blinds are also available for you. Blinds are a good choice for your home because blinds block out the light effectively. Blinds with hanging vertical slats also available but horizontal louvers are most commonly used.


Shades are generally one piece of material that raises and lowers, but does not have movable slats. Shades are known as preferred insulators and are closely fitted onto your windows. Shades are free from the slats or vanes with a very smooth and rich look. We offer modern-day blinds Shades with motorized technology which are super comfortable and easy to use. We have shortlisted different kinds of shades to safe your some effort, which may suit the needs of your room and makes your room beautiful.

Solar Shades are roller shades that are usually unrolled with a cord loop clutch system. In Curtains Roller Shades cloth is rolled onto a tube. Modern-day roller shades are cord-free. To maintain the traditional look, you can choose roller shades with beautiful motifs too and also pair them up with your favorite trims and tassels. Mostly Solar Shades are manufactured using fabric that is designed to reduce infrared heat gain, reduce glare, and also provide a degree of daytime privacy and maintain a view outside.

Usually Roman Shades are fabric based shades with horizontal folds, elegant and sophisticated too. They offer a wide variety of customization from various sizes and types to different color fabrics. Mostly Roman Shades are allowing the user to adjust the height of the covered area because they are also usually opened with a cord mechanism.

Visit and explore all the beautiful Window treatments we would like to offer you. Window Coverings are mostly on the interior side of windows but can be on the exterior in rare situations. Types of coverings include: drapes, curtains, window blinds, Solar Screen, Shutters, can be used as temporary window covering. Our main motto is to provide great care to our customers and our access and incite services make Your Home Expert leap out in customer gratification rate. Our company’s mission is our dedication to improving the quality of life for all our customers. Our approach to our clients has guided us all along the way and we will be proud to serve our customers in an effective manner. Your Home Expert considers its clients as part of like a family and provides a friendly environment which enhances the long term relations with residential and commercial clients. The company believes that if we want to provide better services to our clients then we need better-trained employees too. So the technicians of Your Home Expert Company are skilled and have extensive experience in all kinds of installation services.

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